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Rug & Kilim

Rug & Kilim Pink Geometric Scandinavian Rug

Rug & Kilim Pink Geometric Scandinavian Rug

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From an exciting new collection of gift-size pieces, this 4×6 Swedish-style accent rug is a bold new addition to the Scandinavian Collection by Rug & Kilim. Handwoven in a wool flatweave with undyed natural yarns as well, its design is inspired by Swedish minimalist designs.

On the Design: 

This new flat weave reinvents vintage Scandinavian Kilim in ways that both honor the Swedish minimalist aesthetic and modernize its construction. The use of undyed natural yarns, for example, lends a subtle striae with more of a sense of movement and depth—a subtle nod to Rollakan techniques in a modern fashion. The choice of colors, too, explores their retro feel in a more refreshing style, thereby making it a particularly warm piece made to brighten any space. This particular rug enjoys pink and red, yellow, beige and green geometric patterns, inspired by the Swedish mid-century modern style

The flatweave’s more durable, weighted body is also a hallmark of the collection, made for high-traffic and heavy-furniture spaces. This, alongside several elements detailed here, represent R&K Principal Jahanshah Nazmiyal’s hope to honor this mid-century modern aesthetic. His Scandinavian Collection is a contribution to that style, and a renaissance for its designs with more comfortable, current techniques. 




3'7" x 5' 11"

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